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North Citizenship

Without a doubt, the librarian is a professional who has much to offer to the society, as she can be observed through the programs of extension of the libraries: box-bookshelf; luggage of the book; bus-library; boat-library; reading in high voice; works these that can (and many until already are) be developed in agricultural day-care centers, […]

The Sport

Pitts and Stotlar (2002) mention that the esportivo marketing corresponds to the process to elaborate and to program activities of production, formation of price, promotion and distribution of a esportivo product to satisfy the necessities or desires of consumers and to carry through the objectives of the company. Oliveiras and Pozzi (1996) complement that the […]

Brazilian Service

This organization possesss for main objective to carry through actions directed toward qualification of the commercialized products and to search forms alternative to take care of the current law, producing sustainable goods of consumption in the spheres ambient, economic and social. Through the CONDESUS, in year of 2002, a project for qualification of these agro-industrial […]