Monthly Archives: October, 2013

Civil Code

the phenomenology of the world of the law, which can create, regulate, modify and extinguish rights or obligations regarding legal, between two or more parties, consequently a legal fact is gender and the legal act their species.Will therefore be legal because you encausara legal effects (relevant legal consequences to the right) on the contrary, a […]

PTC Product

Throughout my journey in Internet (almost a year), I’ve found many forms or online business alternatives, at the beginning I enroll free at the famous PTC, also I was filling out paid surveys, I’m not saying that it fails to earn some cents, but gradually realized that was investing excessive time in these matters and […]


One of the main activities carried out in companies to support sales and generate more revenue is the execution of marketing campaigns to promote the products and/or services offered. All companies conduct campaigns of marketing for large enterprises or small is just as important the management of campaigns already that through them are given to […]

Riga Market

As noted by Yevgeny Ivanov, general director of "Estates": "Thanks to the active construction of large residential complexes in more remote from Moscow Pestovo Ikshinskom and reservoirs in the near future there will be 5.4 yacht clubs, targeted mainly at the future residents of these settlements and their guests. " Dmitrovsky highway infrastructure, in addition […]

Ricardo Primero Fort

The eccentric, the famous, the striking, the millionaire Ricardo Fort, opened its own beach, to the South next to the lighthouse, at Nikki Beach, all pomp as in Ibiza. I was going to get in a boat and down on the beach with a gomon, but it seems that he is afraid of the water, […]