Monthly Archives: June, 2014

Coffee Houses

The company "Coffee House" – the best coffee house chain in Russia. If you want to find a specialized company to produce coffee that exceeds the "Coffee House", you are unlikely to succeed. Italian espresso, cappuccino now, gentle latte, coffee in the press-coat, mocha, frappe and cervix, coffee and alcohol, the unique taste of hot […]

Venezuelan Administration

Carlos Mora Vanegas costs to those who are immersed in teaching for years, both at the level of pre and postgraduate, see how they are wasted opportunities involving the University, its participants in the national reality, in this case, in the serious problems facing the Venezuelan reality, where your business sector is facing one of […]

System Auto

Decreased risk There are a range of measures which designed to protect people from possible contact with bare or damaged areas of cables: protective grounding, power off, leveling the potentials and conductors with double insulation. In private construction is better to use natural grounding, which are in direct contact with the ground: metal and concrete […]

Urban Space

It did not have as to plan any urban space as sanitation (domiciliary exhaustion, garbage collection, drinking waters), tarring or stone pavement, attendance in health, education, habitation and etc. it Was added this demand, to the few resources and one demaggica populist politics, that it aimed at, above all, the attainment of the power to […]