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KG Marc Mohit Kohler Hohn

Still illusion of speakers from the stone for the exterior stone offers the highest quality artificial rocks in Europe. This artificial rocks consists of purely mineral glass fibre reinforced concrete without any plastic additives. Therefore the surface as real rock feel. The team of stone takes the forms for their art rock illusion directly from […]

The Customer

Reference points are shown heat losses realized heating projects, design and installation are performed by specialists of 'Ing-In'. It is easy to see that the specific heating power is reduced from the value of 127 W/m2 for houses smaller area (100-150 m2) up to 85-80 W/m2 houses with floor space of 400-500 m2, which corresponds […]

Internet Explorer

Your PC in the cloud – January 24, 2013 – is the first cloud desktop from Mikogo now with Mikogo Mannheim, a new browserbasierende solution, with the user from anywhere out on their own computers can access. Not only the access to individual files is possible with the new cloud desktop: the solution runs as […]


Although it may seem shocking there are cases, and much more numerous in what at first might think, in which the presence of competing businesses can be essential for the survival of our. Nothing better to illustrate the case example of p. S. M. who after several years working in non-optical decided to one day […]

Cell Phone Market

Today in Ecuador it was reported that the local branches of the Mexican company ‘America Movil’ and Spanish company ‘Telefonica’ have overcharged cell phone customers and have been ordered to pay their customers back. Ecuadorian regulators have requested that the payments be made within 72 hours. If these companies wish to remain in the cellphone […]

Compressor Market

In ancient times, when mankind rapidly beginning to learn the depth of the ocean, before it was a question about the stock air after long being under water. Engineers created a machine for supplying air, which were prototypes of modern air compressors, pumps and diving. The first machines were bulky and heavy, held on the […]

Berkshire Hathaway

Warren Buffett – the guru of modern finance market, one of the richest people in the world's largest fund manager – yes Is it a title from Buffett? Advances native of Omaha in the financial field are so great that his opinion may influence on the market. What was his path to the Financial Olympus? […]

Market Niche

In coherence with the subject, the goods that we gave we sell them and/or publicitamos by Internet. By obvious that it is considered, the market niche must terne access to this tool, so that we have contact with this target. Like example, if entrepreneur decides to sell embases for potable water storage of different volumes, […]

Advisable Marketing

Often we received this consultation of clients and potentials clients, who they consult to us about which are the more advisable actions of marketing for each site. The reality is that the product and the plans of sale define to a large extent which is the action of more advisable marketing. The reality is that […]

Foundation Access Society

The new technologies abren passage to a global society, a society in which the people or groups of them can interact in real time although they are dispersed geographically. However, contradictory results in the organizations as a result of the introduction of the new technologies have been demonstrated, therefore it reveals the study of the […]