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The German Institute

German Institute for marketing offers certificate course for the ‘Marketing Manager (DIM) in Cologne, 21.03.2011: the action and responsibility of marketing constantly grows. The German Institute of marketing takes this trend and starts the certification course to the Marketing Manager (DIM) “.” To institute a nationwide study conducted in 2009, which collects the tasks and […]

Marc Birkner

also in the competitive petroleum market is customer service a factor that makes the difference.” JET JET is a trademark of the Salzburg-based JET petrol stations Austria GmbH, a subsidiary of Phillips 66. The US headquartered in Houston, Texas, processes and markets petroleum products in over 15 countries, including Austria. Further information: easycash GmbH marketing/communications […]

Mobile Communications

Precise objective group achieve via the use of Bluetooth, which transmit the content to the mobile phone by individual content Bluetooth Marketing. These stations are very compact and therefore extremely flexible, so it can easily be attached to pillars, shop Windows and of course promotion and exhibition stands. This form of marketing is therefore suited […]

German Market

Personalized tennis article by is one of the leading German tennis mail order companies and largest tennis shop community has over 43,000 Facebook fans Europe (12/2011). Now, the team led by the Managing Director Michael Martens lands and Dirk Buchholz again in a coup and is now product customization for tennis articles. Thanks […]

World Market Leader

Explosion protection for laptops, radio and instruments even though many conditions together must come, occur gas and especially dust explosions more often than you think. Usually they expire though relatively unspectacular and in limited space. But for people who are in the immediate vicinity of the explosions, they are extremely dangerous and often cause injury […]


The misfortune to know that is not enough it died. To complete the estria, the death disclosed its blames and indignities, in the measure where it transformed it of a dreadful crisis for the mortificao and the torment of interminable (the KASTENBAUM, 1983, p.157). The children construct the concept of death from differentiated vises, vises […]

United States

Ahead of this new social reality, the economy also completely was reorganized, of the planning to the production, has seen that it had a continuous and uninterrupted cycle of estandardizados methods to the same make products of level, that were vendidos in great standardized store, whose prices also estandardizados. While in the Europe and the […]

Free Online Classifieds Market

The regionally oriented offer brings the actual advantage in recent weeks and the classic online ad market in its various manifestations has replaced the classic online auction months. The reasons for this are complex. The fact is that especially the private users have migrated from the major providers of the auction and today abound in […]