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Web Development And Web Design

In recent time, almost no company can present itself without an Internet site because the site – is a powerful marketing tool that allows firms to carry out large-scale advertising campaigns … The development of sites according to modern technologies – this is very time-consuming process that usually involved experts in various fields. Briefly, this […]


Runet already saturated by divers trucking resources. But quantitative growth has led to what the customer to understand them more difficult. As choose, for example, the executor, if every company claims that it has experienced drivers, porters professional, and able to verify this information – no. Often because it happens that the goods are not […]

Control Center

There were not enough real, live, interesting examples of successful projects on the Internet, much attention was paid to the instruments of labor (Servers, software), but not the methods and ideas of progress. The positive side of the conference was that it allowed a large number of experts and interested parties to gather in one […]

Afino, Freelance Designer

Recently, the Russian segment of the global network is increasingly common term 'freelance', which is used to refer to forms of work organization on the Internet. In this case, is a question of working remotely, with which the employer and independent contractor, so called. freelancer, can be separated by a large distance, which, however, does […]

Ebusiness Taking Advantage

Development of e-business using the power of the Internet. Business moves quickly and inexorably to the Internet. Only in our company's volume of e-mail correspondence is doubling every quarter. Daily staff send by e-mail messages in five to ten times more than make phone calls and even more personal, negotiation. And it is not trivial […]

Silk Scarves

Silk scarves are one of the most famous accessory in the wardrobe of any woman. For many scarves are literally irreplaceable. Originally there were only male neckwear. And they had a purely practical value, men handkerchiefs to protect against cold and wind. However, it later became scarves bind the nobles and to know. It happened […]

Postindustrial Society

The institutions and organizations that are shaping the ever-changing universe, should have the information necessary, appropriate and timely, and exchange of constantly raising the effectiveness of the system. DEVELOPMENT The information represents a decisive role in humanity, its development relies heavily on educational and cultural level there. Significant changes have been observed in the use […]

Apple Market

Apple has seen the biggest jump leap in the history of the market share of portable all U.S. manufacturers, according to a report by DisplaySearch. The market share of the company in the spring of 2008 arose from year to year of a 6.6 per cent to 10.6 per cent, moving to fourth place in […]

Solving Problems Marketer

Fairly standard situation, the director gives the marketer the task: our company needed a presentation cd, or the sales department determines that the electronic catalog needed them as the air and it will dramatically increase sales. What are you doing this case? Ok, if you have the staff designers and programmers, or the budget allocated […]

Effective Marketing Advertising

Dear advertisers. For the first time in Ukraine you have a unique opportunity to be seen at 100%. Why? Because our participants receive monetary compensation for the fact that watching your advertising presentation. After all, not for is no secret that people are watching TV series or movie on TV and seeing the advertising switch […]