Monthly Archives: January, 2017

Antisliding Cover

As you know, every day are killed or seriously injured hundreds of people, it happens often due to industrial and domestic accidents. That is, due to the fact that many companies not enough attention is paid to coatings, which are moving their employees and customers. This is a problem for many spheres of life: for […]

Garage Gates-Robust Vehicle

For daring motorist automatic garage door – is not only to ensure the integrity of expensive cars, but also optimal comfort, because you can open the garage, not out of the car. Ran a time when garage Gates were a standard similar design, entirely deprived of additional design features and aesthetic nuances. Today's garage doors […]

Tube Droppers

Why? Droppers in these tubes represent a plate made of durable, resistant to aggressive media in the form of chemical compounds used in agriculture agriculture as pesticides, fertilizers, and pesticides. In the plates with the help of modern technology are cut by tiny passages through which water seeps, and in contact with in these passages […]

Metal Plates

Metal plates can be made by 6 technologies: the most reliable and durable plates are manufactured by Metallografiki and alyumofoto. The essence of the method: the dye is not applied to the surface of the material, and in its pores to a depth of 15-25 microns, after which the pores are closed, forming a unit […]

Fashion Industry

Terry Terry fabric or eyelet fabric – it's linen or cotton fabric, the surface of which one or both sides of the covered pile of loops of warp threads. In contrast to the pile fabric in which the pile is formed under the tension in terry cloth, he obtained through the free flow of weakly […]

Vertical Axi

50 from the vertical axis – the upper level of oil in this should be located on the lower edge of the filler neck on the upper lid. If there are drainage holes in the tube, the breather should ensure its purity. The oil must be pre-filtered. In the absence of a filter (Or in […]

The Price

Drilling in sand is from 1 to 3, 5 days, depending on the soil (for example, in some regions of the Moscow region at a depth of 18-22 meters can already begin limestone). The quality of water extracted out of the hole in the sand, without pre-treatment (water treatment) is not very suitable for drinking […]

Twitter Connections

In the era of social knowledge, who wants not to be connected? With this premise in mind, IBM continues to refine the new version of Connections, software that builds bridges between social networks and knowledge analysis tools and that, moreover, move the framework of business. At the moment, IBM Connections version 4 is in Beta, […]


If we have to give something, think of a netbook as something possible and not so distant. The large number of models and brands that currently exist increase competition and allow lower prices drastically, increasingly more, and in the future a lot more. The large amount of discounts that offer the home appliances to compete, […]