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State Training

Not so long ago the economic crisis was not perceptible; or at least that was the version. Bancariasotorgabanadelantos entities and families got in mortgage deeds which are already envisaged they would not come to fruition. However, no one seemed aware of the consequences and all were ignorant of the futuroesperandoesquivarel disaster. At the present time […]

Negotiation Times

To category management was able to maximize the impact a retailer, you need to make sure that the category manager is qualified in the following areas: 1. Analyst 2. Negotiations 3. Merchandising 1.ANALITIKA know the expression 'you can not manage what you can not measure', so the Category Manager has to create, analyze and react […]

Good Brand Marketing

What is a brand? In short, a brand can be a name, symbol or logo of any company or organization. A mark may be armed only with text, or it may be a sign (isotype) along with the name of your company, or it may be just a symbol. People such as JPMorgan Chase would […]

Marketing Channel Book Trailer

Book trailer the opportunity of our time for authors a book trailer for authors and publishers marketing channel. Novels are the most personal of what authors have invented. Not only our knowledge lives on in the stories, but they are the medium to bring our imagination and our creativity to life. Details can be found […]