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Recommendation Marketing

Referral marketing – customers inspire potential customers recommend us further. “This rate experienced an unexpected Renaissance in the current financial and crisis of confidence. Because testimonials are ones that don’t cost the best business card of a company still. The advertising message”in casual conversation with a business partner, a good friend, or the sympathetic neighbors […]

Collomix Marketing

“Instruments of the campaign are a microsite ( index.php? id = 5435) together with animation and competition, a representative 20-page brochure and a mailing all under the guiding principle of the safe and the Kampagnenslogan sure is safe”. Mark Frissora is often quoted on this topic. Which could be adapted by the way just on […]

Tourism: The Scandinavian Market Interest To Tour Operators Malagasy

The sector of tourism in Madagascar is trying to regain its momentum and professionals in the industry are optimistic for 2011. Until now, the French and Italian tourists were more attracted by the tour operator Madagascar. But in recent times with the various campaigns of promotion and participation in international events, Malagasy traders have directed […]

City Marketing

Our inner cities are currently subject to a dramatic change. New concepts for the successful revival of the inner city are necessary in order to absorb the exodus of downtown magnets to counteract the effects and the trend vacancies to reduce to 1-euro-shop or even worse. Large department stores, as inner-city magnet titled,”melt faster than […]

Marketing Advice

Marketing advice for IT, trade and industry who want challenges and efficient implementation. But it’s not everything nowadays, marketing professionals have to offer in the company. The position is even stronger that aligned to help shape the overall corporate strategy. So the marketing executives take in many (IT) companies as a “strategic advisor”, which has […]

City Marketing

The next generation in strategy and advertising for more than 20 years is there in Germany the city marketing; but as dynamic as today it was rare: the city is increasingly as established brand to assert themselves in the dance of the competing cities. Fine-gauge advertisers decisively support the marketing of the new generation\”; for […]


It is known that consumer behavior is that part of the behavior of people and the decisions involved when they are acquiring goods or using services to meet your needs. Consumer is considered from the marketing as the King, because of somehow companies have to cover their needs in a process of constant adaptation, whereby […]

Niche Marketing

The word niche is defined as: a special area of demand for a product or service. Marketing is defined as: the opportunity to buy or sell. If you put the two words together, niche Marketing means buying or selling a product or service in a special area of demand. In reality what it means is […]

Original System

It must rescue the North American leadership and guarantee the security of the nation. Another 11 of September would be fatal. However he knows that to obtain it he must reduce the protagonism of his government in the external conflicts. How to lapse the Monroe doctrine and not to run the risk of they accuse […]

Shopping Pavilion

Trade Pavilion (store) on the basis of the metal box container – this is one type of unit known zdaniya.Kak block containers can be used not only as a dwelling or technical cabins, but as a full-fledged shops and shopping pavilions. The main advantages of such structures is the low price (funny, when compared with […]