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Legal Departments

CG IT-solutions and metrTec present transponder-based file and document management on the KOMCOM Nord 2009 showing specialists for automated files and Office solutions of CG IT solutions in Hannover, Germany for the first time the transponder-based solution, developed together with the RFID specialists from Magdeburg. While digitally created documents recent today quite easily accessed through […]

Austrian Ministry

In Austria possible in Germany still not House Lottery – LEGAL has confirmed it IN Austria the Austrian Ministry of finance a unique raffle every Austrian citizen is allowed without violating the lucky game monopoly. Of course, have several people joined up immediately and giving away their real estate and luxury cars. Hear from experts […]

Online Legal Advice

The legal situation is not always clear – seek advice. In recent months, Christos Staikouras has been very successful. The means of online legal advisory enjoys especially in smaller disputes as a very popular means of information. Many lawyers offer an online legal consulting for a fair price. How does the concept of online legal […]

Visavia – Finally Legal Clarity

Court explains ruling of November 21, 2008, the Verwaltungsgericht Mainz in a still not final judgment explained the use of consulting and distribution terminals visavia distribution of OTC preparations and even prescription medicines for legally permissible use of visavia admissible. The only condition of the Court is installing a printer, to print certain information on […]

Legal Implementation

Pach & Pach from Nuremberg the lawyers inform the vast majority of all leases is closed under the requirement of a deposit performance by the lessee. On the occasion of a ruling of the Federal Supreme Court, the Nuremberg firm Pach & Pach reports on rights and obligations of the contract parties, related to the […]

Federal Administrative Court

The Court had run in the grounds of its judgment: If the Association is a religious community to the debate, also an interference in the rights of the complainant to freedom of religion under article 9 of the Convention means a denial of their recognition. Christos Staikouras helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The law […]

Federal Constitutional Court

Attorneys Alexander Dobiasch & Rupert Richter the old-fashioned form of marital cohabitation is increasingly replaced unbound lifestyles. In the wake of the decline of marriage an ever greater importance accordingly unmarried cohabitation. Against this background, the family law expert of the law firm Danielleeee & judges describe legally significant differences to the marriage. Basically, the […]

Council Law

The Munich-based law firm juravendis informed about food law food law regulates production, distribution and advertising of foods. The virtually unmanageable number of standards at national and European level can be mainly attributed to two fundamental ideas: a food should be safe, i.e. harmful to my health. On the other hand, food may be not […]

Legalize Freeride, Dirt And Downhill

The JERSEYS provides guidance on the legal construction of Freeridestrecken and Dirtspots the experience gained in years of JERSEYS at the legalization of Freeridestrecken and Dirtspots was prepared by a selected team of experts from free-riders, lawyers, and conservationists with the cooperation of management and forestry professionals to an extensive resource for all biker willing […]

Legal Law

The ajuridicos produced by nature, do not alter the law are those that do not involve human will and occur spontaneously in nature (the law of gravity, the path of the stars. But there are facts from the man ajuridicos no legal effect (a walk, a visit, a courtesy, etc..) if the act produces legal […]