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Online Backup

An economic alternative to the classic backup procedures in Freiburg, automated data backup expands 08.12.2008 – which has continum AG, Freiburg hosting service provider suite solutions for online backup. Address companies with mission-critical systems and data. As an alternative to the traditional internal tape backup, this backup outsourcing offers a much higher level of security […]

Bonn Tel Companies

Phone control via Web browser could remedy Mainz/Munich / Berlin – according to a recent study of the German Telefon standard AG in Mainz are dissatisfied about 75 percent of the German medium-sized companies with their telecommunications systems. The users appreciate the damage due to complicated and underutilized plants, on up to 5 billion euros […]


In 2009 continues the expansion at home and abroad: more jobs could be created. Contrary to the general mood in politics and economics, Muller-BBM continues its organic growth. The new building at the headquarters in Planegg near Munich, with an investment volume of more than EUR 10 million, is progressing rapidly and will offer even […]

The CEP Enters The Second Round

Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum organised on January 29 and 30 in relation to the CEP CLEAN ENERGY POWER 2009 in the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre a European brokerage. The stock exchange will be implemented in cooperation with the Enterprise Europe network. Cooperation Exchange in 2008, over 40 talks have taken place with 32 participants from 11 countries. The event […]

Energy Crisis

Innovation Congress ‘Battery technology’ in the Haus der Technik new batteries for motor vehicles left in these months the research labs and become components in modern automobiles. The European automotive industry preparing to take over the lead in the introduction of lithium-ion batteries in hybrid cars worldwide. New mild hybrid concepts allow significant CO2 savings […]

Emotionally Intelligent Profession Through Difficult Times

Staff developers and business leaders at a seminar of EQ dynamics international learn what executives must can successfully lead their employees through break times to. Reduce staff, restructure the Organization, reduce costs many companies are facing such challenges at present due to the economic crisis. Usually the management for this necessary decisions are based. With […]

Body Shape

New Geratline of body shape, brings fat cells to the melt. Here, Gunnar Peterson expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Who would not for getting rid of them? Fatty deposits on the abdomen, hips, legs or PO that disappear through sports or diets. With the Slimsonic device line body shape BeautyTec creates the alternative […]

Koala Sitting For A Day

In the Lone Pine Koala sanctuary in Brisbane, visitors can work as nurses and the Australian Wildlife experience Queensland Lone Pine Koala sanctuary one day be keepers and Australia’s wildlife up close the visitors of the Lone Pine Koala sanctuary have this chance, 15 minutes from Brisbane. The sanctuary is the largest Koala reception station […]

Successful AnaSys Info Day 2009 In Frankfurt Am Main Around MT / MX Coexistence

and the new requirements in the payment transactions in Europe. New participants, customers, and partners of the invitation to the Infoday followed after the already highly successful workshop meeting in Frankfurt and Zurich. Once again succeeded, in the context of new payment traffic standards and market requirements for coexistence and processing by SWIFT for banks […]

Million New Entitlement Holder

brs0725 offers screening model with three types of support Erfurt, 2nd June 2009 capital-forming payments, that sounds a little like anno dazu time, but much more interesting than some people think. Nevertheless, uses only half of the 24 million workers their right to promotion by the State, and usually also by the employer. It shows […]