Monthly Archives: December, 2021

Bumper Syndrome

BUMPER SYNDROME Emilio Alberto Restrepo Baena Once in the thirties, the settlement of adulthood, the "third floor", the maturity of the Middle Ages, attacking us in all its fury Bumper Syndrome. The professional school completion, total immersion in the production process, the constitution of the family, the arrival of children, the desire obscesivo for purchasing […]

Run With The Ball

There is a point where everything becomes simple and there is now no question of choice, because all you have invested will be lost if you look back. Life is the point of no return. “Dag Hammarskjold comes a time in your life when the will to act on their ideas is so compelling that […]

Accelerated Learning

How much, how much worth the Accelerated Learning By Joseph Fortuno NILVEM This is the best time to take courses that provide proven learning tools accelerated, intensive courses Reading Speed, Study Methods and Memory. Of course, one of the concerns, read the previous sentence, is the price of a course as proposed. The price of […]

Highlight Key Skills In Job Application

For every job that is advertised, an employer is only produces some technical conditions that will bring a candidate, and certain personality traits that should not bring the candidate. These personality traits are also called key qualifications. At tim cook you will find additional information. As not only the professional profile so too does the […]