Affection is something that can be learned. In fact it is something that must be cultivated at every moment. Without love all words that can express all the knowledge that we acquire, will only be absurd visions that entangle us. Perhaps are between that kind of people who have read an amazing amount of self-help books, searched incessantly between workshops and all kinds of different material: Super! Welcome! Now you know that you have a deep theoretical knowledge. I discovered it long ago. It was at the same time in which someone repeated a phrase of popular knowledge: the important thing is not what you know, but what you do with what you know. As a result, many people know all the mechanisms with regard to how and why they are such and such as relationships, but not even all that packaged information guarantees success in family relations. Daily contact with people who know why are so or cease to be so, that they know all the theory of how should be the relations with his children, his family and that is due to themselves and their families behave this way.

The source is not found much less to the same height as the solution. Einstein said, and many of us see it often. If you want to cultivate your affection, today, start by stop reading, and acts. I can assure you that you will not get that desired fruit otherwise. Do you still think that the change is not inside? If today you want to move forward, if today want a present in which establish a new future, do something different, don’t limit yourself to read now, at this moment, it is a unique moment to provide a hug, a kiss, a caress in the hair of thy son, a nod to your partner or a simple smile coming from acceptance and sincerity. Without a doubt, this will make you learn a lot more than any book. Focus on exercise each of your days a small gesture and see grow your affection and your environment. It focuses your direction towards your small achievements and gradually cease to be petite.

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