Affiliate Marketing

In 90% of cases the Affiliate Marketing practiced mostly by new Internet entrepreneurs is directly linked with Clickbank products. If you search Google for any given keyword on the topic "Make Money on the Internet" will find up to 8 on the same page ads promoting the same. If you investigate a little more (through Clickbank) will see that there are over 200 that have a link for this Product Promotion open. Multiply 80 (commission paid by product) by 200. They 16'000 $! Anyone believe that the daily sales of this product are 16'000 $? It will not be that most of the 200 does not make money selling this product? The main problem with Clickbank is that there are very few products in Spanish. This automatically causes all promote the same.

For this reason it is worth considering alternatives other than Clickbank. And there are! Example: On March 16 One of those who have marked history about Make Money on the Internet in the Hispanic World returns to the stage with a monthly subscription will cost around $ 100/month (Tested price: $ 10) Each one can imagine what he earned by promoting a high quality product like this and not find it in Clickbank. Promote Products of this type has advantages: you will not find with all those who have just started their first steps on How To Make Money on the Internet (they promote Clickbank products), and are testing its first Google Adwords campaigns. are new products to be launched soon or have been released recently (there is not much competition) and to pay fees will have more interesting than your commission fast they often pay by Paypal and by check I wrote a post on this product and I've put a video on my personal blog.

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