AutoMAID Storage

First green, following the MAID 2.0 concept, high-performance SAS storage solution, the fixed-content data stored energy-efficient and provide leave WIESBADEN 2 June 2008 Nexsan offers the SASBoy now a more powerful product with high storage capacity for the archiving and delivery of fixed-content data. With SAS (serial attached SCSI) hard drives equipped storage solution works with the AutoMAID-developed by design (automatic massive array of idle disks) technology, making it the first product on the market that 2.0 complies with the specifications of MAID. With the usage of SASBoy, companies can thus save energy without that this is to the detriment of the performance. The SASBoy equipped with high-performance RAID controllers is fully operating system independent and can be both in embed iSCSI – as well as fibre channel environments. The unit can accommodate up to fourteen 300 GB SAS disks, in the highest stage of expansion, the storage capacity is a total 4.2 TB. The SASBoy is itself thanks to its fast I/O response time in finding and retrieving smaller fixed-content files for use with Web applications or the provision of fixed content over the Internet. As well, the new economic product is ideal for companies that operate databases for storing and accessing PACs (picture archiving and communication system) contents or annual reports or use for document management. The SASBoy is available from worldwide immediately about the VAR distribution network design.

\”The product features at a glance: green\” storage solution: energy saving AutoMAID technology is by default and integrated at no extra charge. The hard drives turn after a predetermined period of time in which it comes to no access, automatically in the power saving modes for each, this affects the performance. Both times and activity level can be individually assign the administrator. Speed: High-performance direct access to fixed-content data. Up to 50,000 input/output operations on random cache requests.

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