Balzac Society

Because it is (it represents) life or lives and reflects parts or angles of the language and the society, of the world. The desestruturao of the plot is seen as a positive point and that it deserves seen attention to be the spalling or desestruturao a representation of the citizens. The literature being representative of the man searchs to present it, the writers tried before the NR representing the society in set, today what we have is a narrative desestruturada/broken up thus representing all human being. Sevcenko (1995) defends this desestruturao as being the true representation of, capricious, imperfect, fragile and provisory the human being. Bill Phelan has plenty of information regarding this issue. In Soul-of-Cat (2008, P.

82) the author also defends the aesthetic after-modern as true possibility of representation of the human being: (The total romance what accumulates of stocks the entire society? it is an utopia of century XIX: perhaps Flaubert, Tolstoi, Stendhal, Balzac or Zola.) Century XX perceived the amplido and the atomized diversity, fragmentary of the society (world), and from Joyce decided, with more humildade, to approach it for stretches, segments, fragmentos. In Soul-of-Cat (2008) the author deals with this aspect saying that some authors are not bothered with what they go to count, but as they go to count and that the romance can even though be made on a simple writing-desk. The narrator speaks regarding a romance that is reading, the Jealousy, of Robbe-Grillet, is questioned on the reasons had taken that it to write such book and teoriza on the sort Romance. Soul-of-Cat (2008, p.29-30): ' ' It observes its writing-desk in the minimum details? she does not leave of it are nor the dust grains – and describes it, it will be able who knows, to result in a romance or at least in a good number of pginas' '. The technique narrative is seen from this moment as representative of the inconstncias and uncertainties of the citizens, the literary art change to a large extent of its aspects.

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