BLUETOOTH Advertising

Advertising now via bluetooth. Advertising is a way of disseminating information on the benefits of a particular product or service. In recent years we have seen many ways to conduct advertising campaigns for television, radio, newspapers even advertising via SMS. Now there is another way to make advertising and is using a method widely known nowadays, Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a widespread wireless connection, which enables the transmission of data or information between different devices like for example mobile phones.

Since most mobile phones have built-in bluetooth system, will be considered one series advantages front other advertising media:-the first one is that for the creation of the campaigns only need a small device that incorporates the software. -Software for the creation of advertising is very simple to use. -Also must be considered that the connections between different devices is free, therefore no extra expenditure on the dissemination of advertising. -With regard to the connection between the different media is a quick and easy establishment, – the cost of the device and any maintenance is quite affordable for different companies and businesses. -Ensures a high percentage of acceptance of campaigns.

-Addition software carries included a statistical reporting system for controlling the dissemination of each campaign. For all reasons previously advertising or informational campaigns via bluetooth for different companies or business is advisable, for being a good method of communication and dissemination of information. If you consider that are interested in testing the product can request an evaluation software to the supplier of the Bluetooth service. MENSAMATIC S.L. company provider of SMS, BLUETOOTH and other telecommunications services. Original author and source of the article

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