Brazilian Service

This organization possesss for main objective to carry through actions directed toward qualification of the commercialized products and to search forms alternative to take care of the current law, producing sustainable goods of consumption in the spheres ambient, economic and social. Through the CONDESUS, in year of 2002, a project for qualification of these agro-industrial processors was initiated, where they had been selected by the SEBRAE (Brazilian Service of Support to the Micron and Small Companies), thirty families in accordance with the expectation of growth in the enterprise. In this qualification some courses had been offered to characterize ' ' to know fazer' ' of these producers. This work of qualification of the agroindstrias was a strategy to give sustentation to the tourism, seen as car-head of the development of the region, offering has supported to the gastronmico tourism, offering to the tourists typical products ' ' qualificados' '. This stage of qualification was important and not only in the direction of qualification of the production, but also in giving the first steps for organization of the net, to form contact nets, to generate reciprocity between the producers, to promote exchanges of experiences. In 2003, a group of sixteen is formed AFRs, consisting it ' ' Net of Casa' '. Feeling itself capable of ' ' crescer' ' in the agro-industrial activity, this AFRs is joined to facilitate to the purchase of material and substance cousin, packing and to share costs, thus forming a nucleus of producers.

After a period of qualification, the AFRs is felt encouraged to work in set, being searched commercialization canals and using to advantage the tourist movement of the region to conquer some spaces. The majority of these agroindstrias possesss very strong a social validation, this in function of the regional cultural tradition. Some conquer the legal validation and extend canals of commercialization widening contact nets, but nor all had reached this platform.

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