This it beams through a respondent car. This way, you will very possibly increase the probability that they buy your product or service in the future. The way easiest to understand this is with a practical example, no woman would accept the proposal of marriage of a man who does not know. It will need a process to know the man well before giving him yes. Also it happens with the sale processes online, your subscribers will want conocerte before cmprate. The processes of sale by intendant are very different from the sale processes off-line. Many people commit the error to think that the process of sales online/offline is exactly the same, with it differentiates from which the salesman is replaced by the bill of sale.

That is not the case! The sales online are a process in which the people buy to you once know you and your friendly have become; not before. The way to know and darte to know your clients, are indeed rendering a service to them. But How you can attend clients or thousands of visits that arrive at your pages? Through an automated system to send electronic mails to him to which we called " car-respondedor" Another one of the reasons by which it is so important that you construct a list is so that you can expand your business with other products. The process to go to a niche consists of finding a necessity that many people have and to create a product solves that them or to find a product of which it solves to them to this is what we called Businesses of income by affiliation. We see an example: it imagnese that you have a cc$bbs of quality urbanism, and that has 25000 enrolled people to the same. You have recently read a very interesting book of urbanism, that not only has helped him personally, but you think that it can help your subscribers. Then the reading of that book sends a mail to them recommending.

If that book pays 40 to him in commissions and a 2% of your list are only interested in the same, you will gain 20000. When you have a list and you offer to your subscribers products to him of the highest possible quality, you will make much money while aid to much people in the process. For that reason once shortage your niche the construction of your list will have to be the main approach of your business. In all this process which you need is: 1. A registration page 2. An ethical bribe that really helps your subscribers educating them, inspiring them and motivating them. 3. A autorespondedor. Original author and source of the article.

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