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Federal Constitutional Court

Attorneys Alexander Dobiasch & Rupert Richter the old-fashioned form of marital cohabitation is increasingly replaced unbound lifestyles. In the wake of the decline of marriage an ever greater importance accordingly unmarried cohabitation. Against this background, the family law expert of the law firm Danielleeee & judges describe legally significant differences to the marriage. Basically, the […]

Council Law

The Munich-based law firm juravendis informed about food law food law regulates production, distribution and advertising of foods. The virtually unmanageable number of standards at national and European level can be mainly attributed to two fundamental ideas: a food should be safe, i.e. harmful to my health. On the other hand, food may be not […]

Legalize Freeride, Dirt And Downhill

The JERSEYS provides guidance on the legal construction of Freeridestrecken and Dirtspots the experience gained in years of JERSEYS at the legalization of Freeridestrecken and Dirtspots was prepared by a selected team of experts from free-riders, lawyers, and conservationists with the cooperation of management and forestry professionals to an extensive resource for all biker willing […]

Legal Law

The ajuridicos produced by nature, do not alter the law are those that do not involve human will and occur spontaneously in nature (the law of gravity, the path of the stars. But there are facts from the man ajuridicos no legal effect (a walk, a visit, a courtesy, etc..) if the act produces legal […]

Germany Law

"The right is first created, held the copyright, for customs and folk beliefs, then the science of law, always, therefore, by virtue of an inner strength, and tacitly active, never under the will of any legislator … In another of the sections of the test referred to often cited, the author asserts: "the law natural […]

Post Cold War

05/02/1991 In the reform of our collaboration was published, entitled "Return of the EI home." This development not only aims at deepening the same direction as that. We are not tired of reiterating in collaborations in this way that the world and the country undergoing rapid, profound and traumatic transit from a state of affairs […]

First Health Campaign

Dear Friends, In reviving the project are Bre a POPUCLINICA and Sunday May 31 will start the activities that are aimed at preventive health services Constant and FREE. We invite you to visit whenever this medium to keep up with health recommendations and articles of interest to our professional partners. For the first time we […]


We have climate change to the soup. Click Marko Dimitrijevic to learn more. But the consumption of meat and the way we feed the 6400 million human beings who inhabit the planet affects the air we breathe, besides having a clear social impact. Since man is made of the nature that surrounds it, interact with […]

Collagen Use

Collagen is a protein and the main organic constituent of connective tissue and the organic substance of bone and cartilage. Constitutes about one third of all protein in the body. The process of aging and wrinkles skin, dry skin make her look, lack of elasticity and thin. Elastin is another protein of connective tissue and […]

E-Waste Recycling

There are now 1100 or 1200 registered companies and another 9,000 would have to do, but note that the registered account for 80 percent of the market. 200,000 tons of electronic garbage “We estimate that in Spain now generates about 200,000 tons of electronic waste per year, which in 2006 were recycled about 160,000 among […]