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The specialists in commercialization in line work to develop to the optimization of a Web site in the finders (CATHEDRAL) so that the motors search ” they take nota” they place and it in a high list of supplies. Other forms in order to develop the traffic it is the use of the impression and the publicity in line, as well as campaigns of electronic mail and programs of affiliates. One of the advantages of the strategies of marketing online through traditional means is that it is possible to track the marketing efforts and to realise almost instantaneous changes. A specialist in generally quick marketing online special attention to the statistics Web, observing the behavior of the consumer in the site. For example, the specialist in marketing can notice that the clients usually find ssitio Web of their company through the use of a determined set of key words or phrases keys.

When this happens, it is possible to be worked to emphasize the zones of the page Web with additional content. Also the time can be observed that a visitor of the Web site spends in particular areas of the site and this way to make the changes in the zones of low traffic in which the visitors happen just a short time. Marketing in social networks has become a significant part of the efforts of marketing in Internet. By means of the use of these social networks something can be put interesting, funny, and contained of great value for the present and potential clients, this way a specialist in services of marketing online can provide to her employer an important traffic. The social average marketing, nevertheless, can be simultaneously difficult and to take too much time, reason why some consultants of marketing online do not specialize only in the social networks but also they can recommend that its employer contracts a specialist in the creation of social networks to work this aspect of the marketing company online.

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