Complex Corporate Events

As any the most complex mechanism composed of simple elements. And most complex mosaic of the most complex corporate event is a properly chosen set of simple and effective parts. Importantly, these choose the right parts. Choose something that really works. One such 'work' element is a mobile photo studio costume. Simple and tasteful, as they say. Themselves ( sometimes wonder how competently falls and fits using a simple 'fun' in the context of different activities.

Instant photo studio. Entertainment on the Routh-yes. Interactive zone during a holiday, yes. Festive Surprise production for employees ..- yes! As the animation in the exhibition area or in the advertising campaign – it is! It's simple. Within minutes, set the appropriate style of event photo-mural, put up lights. 'Takes aim' photographer. Dresser picks costumes, relevant concepts ..

and the process begins! Anyone who wants to give the opportunity to try on a suit every age, every class. Cloak Musketeer? It's easy! The royal robes? Please! Dress columnar noblewoman? Very well 🙂 Yes, though, the Lady of the Sea! It is worth noting that this is no ordinary costumes. Do not stage attire. Each suit has its technical secrets. All are sewn so that would not be uncomfortable with putting on and removing it. It does not matter what you came for a holiday and a pre-order yourself prepared. You do not hurt to throw in a 'new image', to capture himself and immediately get ready a printed photo. You do not pomnete his shirt, his suit and dress. Not pomnete hair. You do not need a dressing room and a half hours of time that would be a photographer in a new image. The entire process, a few moments! And memorable souvenir in your hands. Practice shows that this service (animated point zone) do not always use a fake excitement among the guests. Regardless of rank, age and sex. The process involves the simplest and, therefore, present emotions and positive associations. As a rule, 'output' photos brendiruyutsya special design frameworks with reference to the date, place, occasion and the company that organized this celebration. And so, how this master image, the image will be visible a long memory. And the sweet memories and a simple branded souvenir. There are several types of mobile photo studio. Costume adult, Children's costume, 'photo-session from the cover top-marketing magazines' etc. Fantasy, as well as no limit to perfection 😉 More about can contact our managers by phone or e-mail.

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