Compressor Market

In ancient times, when mankind rapidly beginning to learn the depth of the ocean, before it was a question about the stock air after long being under water. Engineers created a machine for supplying air, which were prototypes of modern air compressors, pumps and diving. The first machines were bulky and heavy, held on the courts too much space. Originally vozduhonagnetatelnye devices were made with manual transmission, they also have were replaced by steam units, and already then there were electric drive. Progress does not stand still, and the enormous size and weight are gone, these days the air compressor can not afford any interested person, the main thing that He was powerful, reliable and fit in the trunk of his car.

There are more than thirty companies producing high-pressure compressor, diving pumps and other equipment for air handling needs of divers and divers. We want to introduce you to one of them is – an Italian company Nardi. Nardi company is relatively young, it was founded in 1980 and is currently one of the leading manufacturers of compressors for different applications. Special Nardi is the difference between compressor reliability, low vibration, and that is not unimportant, their low noise during operation. Reduce vibration and noise can be achieved in different ways: the use of different types of covers to establishment of the rubber cushions dampers. Engineers Nardi went their own way, achieving high precision machining and fitting of all the working mechanisms and devices. Control measurements showed full compliance with international labor and health standards, they also comply with all environmental regulations, both European and U.S.

standards. The company’s products is ISO 9001:2000 certified and the certificate of conformity GOST standards to domestic R 50460-92. For the manufacture of its products factory Nardi not only uses high quality materials and latest technology. Referring to his time to the national news agency United States ‘NASA’ to develop a supermaterial for Compression Rings: The heat-resistant, high abrasion resistance and lubrication needed, the firm has developed technopolymer Nardi, who is its technical secrets. Moreover, each compressor is a whole program tests on the build quality that allows Nardi be a leader in the manufacture of household and industrial compressors, compressor equipment. In addition to the professional air compressor designed for Diving underwater operations, to consumers, an additional and separate line for industry and medical industry. Particularly relevant products designed for the needs of divers, professional and amateur diving. For example, the line Nargile includes a compact, lightweight, portable pump low pressure diving ‘Extreme’ in weight from 19 to 25 kg. They are designed specifically for diving to depths of 15 meters, as from the ship, and with shoreline. This series is ideal for short searches. Pumps are performance (depending on model) from 220 to 380 lit / min with a constant pressure of 10 bar. Pumps are equipped with a hose 17 meters long, and some models can be used in two hose version. Note that in both cases, the length of the hose can be changed upward. Pompeii ‘Extreme’ applied ingenious technology – a special coating of Teflon, which allows to work compressor, even in severe conditions, almost without lubrication.

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