Contact Center

Solved the problem. To all of them we supply the same the same to them and tratmoslos. If some feel unsatisfied or they go away, what we are going to him to do. Equal not even I find out to me of those who is those that goes away or they do so that it. Don and Schultz, famous treaty writer of marketing and professor of Northwester University, indicate: the technology has ended the massive trade, of niches and segments. This market is dead, but we refused to bury it, because it is what we know to do. The massive trade follows and will follow by always. But the difference will be marked by the individualisation of the relation with the clients.

niche of today is the individual. In order to do it we must intelligently apply strategies of relational marketing, that thanks to the new technologies of the information, today is within reach of all great company or median, administering even small efficient and the data bases of the clients, from a system of interactive contact. That is to say, from a modern Contact Center or center of contact. Why if this lacks Call to center, the client is exhibited to receive a generalized treatment. Safe in the exceptional case that the turn civil servant, identifies, knows, he recognizes, he differentiates intelligently and he interacts, the relation will be impersonal. A contact center does not have to be a great department with hundreds of cabins, or an expensive tercerizacin.

In fact if its data base a to work is small, will be enough with the exclusive dedication of a single person, supported in an integrated computer and a telephone, and possibly with a simple leaf excel. The important thing in this case is the strategy. Before technology strategy. Now that if its data base is of several hundreds or the thousand of registries and clients as well has different options and makes several transactions in relatively short periods, because it must lean in the multiple modern tools that the Call and Contact centers offer nowadays.

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