Contact Price

The market is pretty common simplified representation of the contact center. Often, it is believed that this is only a telephone exchange with an extended call routing and reporting system. Unfortunately, in the market are not uncommon cases where projects contact centers and executed: the unfolding function of a telephone exchange with the expanded ability to route calls. At the same time, nobody did not immediately think about what business functions does this contact center, as he engaged in the business processes of interaction with customers. But the market becomes more mature, and today many customers are not willing to pay for the telephone system functions, namely for benefits of the contact center, for example, to their business. The role of business consultant (or, more CRM-consultant) in this case lies in the fact that he has to show a client in which the processes of contact center will bring the greatest benefit and how to optimize and automate these business processes. This approach has repeatedly proven its effectiveness. In particular in the banking sector is today the most popular business process – work with bad debts. Practice shows that it is now necessary for all banks. Many representatives of the banking business, this process is not always built initially, and about its proper automation has speak only in isolated cases. Therefore, banks have to resort to third-party collection companies, which tend to be interested in getting their own profits, rather than maintaining “friendly” creditor relationship with the borrower.

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