Customer Loops

A variety of loops in the mahr and how they affect the softness of the product and product quality, as well as his life: The easiest and cheapest way to achieve a soft terry product is to manufacture frazzles with simple, not twisted loops, which can be single (in the low density of towels – 250-320 g/m2), double (medium density from 320 to 450 g/m2) and more numerous (high density). In this case it is understood that the loops have a single out of tissue basis. These towels are soft, but, unfortunately, not very durable. They are easily formed, and the hooks pulled free loops – it leads to that in-service laundry and towels are rapidly coming in substandard condition, because to form towel hooks and tightening. Twisted loop. There are single and double, triple and rare.

Towels with twisted loops by many orders of durable and reliable than towels, which are described above. However, terry towels with twisting loops lose their softness. There are several ways to preserve the softness Towels: A. The use of chemical softeners to the final processing of towels, B. A special, environmentally-clean, but expensive, moisture-heat treatment B.

The use of the product only long staple cotton varieties expensive (the best and most expensive in the world is Egyptian cotton. close to the Egyptian and Brazilian cotton. Specifics of cotton is in its growth). 4. Towels should not have a chemical smell. 5. Towels should be stained uniform. 6. Dear Customer producer always produces towels Hanger (with a loop on the hook for towels). 6. Next come factors for the subjective assessment of the subjective perception of the product and the buyer: richness of color, original and modern design and model development velor, velours edge, double edge, printed drawing, embroidery, jacquard box, etc. For gowns requirements are almost identical to the requirements for wheelchairs, with the exception of paragraph 1. Therefore, not all gowns have a high density, but the higher density – the warmer the coat. Also, if you put on a bathrobe on a wet body, the density of the gown can be crucial when choosing a model. Enjoy your shopping!

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