DVD Codecs

To connect them, it is necessary in bs Player go to Options> Settings in the window that opens, go to Audio, and then – in a section of dsp plugins Winamp. Then put a tick on the options 'Enable DSP-plugins Winamp', 'Enable better support for plug-ins' and click on the 'Folder Winamp-plug-ins' to show the program where your plugins are. For video playback, bs Player is actively using codecs installed in the system. From its own, built-in codecs, can be called, perhaps, only Related to Ogg Vorbis. But particularly closely bs Player works with MPEG4/DivX. In the player in the options window there is even an entire section that provides access to some of the options installed on the system MPEG4-compatible codecs, including FFDShow (), which is very unpretentious in resource consumption. By using FFDShow you can watch DivX, even on processors with a frequency of 300 megahertz commercials.

On playing a dvd. Technically, bs Player can play dvd. But only if you manually open in player VOB-files on dvd in the directory Video_ts. That is to say about any DVD-menus, and continuous movie playback can be no question. Ends with a VOB-file – start on the next play. bs Player is ideal for 'normal' format, where one the film has one file, not as a dvd, in which the video is divided into a number of VOB-files, and the film may begin in the middle of a VOB-container, and end in a very different VOB'e. So, by and large, bs Player can play video and sound only the formats, codecs are installed on your system.

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