Effective Marketing Advertising

Dear advertisers. For the first time in Ukraine you have a unique opportunity to be seen at 100%. Why? Because our participants receive monetary compensation for the fact that watching your advertising presentation. After all, not for is no secret that people are watching TV series or movie on TV and seeing the advertising switch the TV on another channel. Same thing with radio. It just shut down. A printed edition? As a man among the thousands of ads it sees Your? What is the effectiveness of such advertising? Now everything will change. Thanks to our site on your firm or company learn thousands of people in Ukraine.

We represent a new era of advertising, an online advertisement. RIA 'effect Plus' provides the following services: Advertising Presentation We present your advertising presentation on our website where participants take part in its view. You can present your site, graphics, flash, and text ads other information. You define the presentation and the number of participants to view. This is a new and effective method of internet advertising. Advertising space We present you the opportunity to place your ads on our site.

Available through our website the following types of advertising space: banners (336×280, 728×90), an elite advertising (361×368). Virtual Office is now with us, you can optimize your costs significantly, reducing their spending on rent, wages pay employees, purchase of office equipment, supplies, staffing. Advertise your business on Google No matter what your budget, you can display your ads on Google. You pay only when people click on your ads. Order your ads on Google and we will get more customers! Banner Advertising We provide services for the selection of effective advertising platforms depending on the subject and features you advertised products / services. In addition, we have partnership discounts on the best advertising venues in Ukraine! Efficient design & Web We create online advertising (banners, logos, animation, flash), advertising for printing publications (magazines, newspapers, posters, cover), web design, websites, business cards, site optimization, registration in directories and search engines, ppm

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