Effective Social Media Marketing

T-Shirt Messenger crack the advertising code for the social multimedia company of information in connection with ‘ online word of mouth ‘ and overstimulation can be traditional advertising fizzle disinterest, short-lived and lack of understanding despite still so detailed planning reach traditional advertising campaigns for the multimedia generation increasingly is these effects. A steadily growing number of communication channels produces a sensory overload, leading to a resistance to the advertising messages that are already often perceived nuisance especially among young people. Constantly newly developed formats, products and brands that increasingly increase the impatience of the targeted recipient of advertising. Each slogan as the individual in the big city is little noticeable to the anonymous, hardly perceived object. Wastage are high, because considered feels also the target group through the impersonal address as Anonymum.

To empathize in the direct environment of the multimedia generation and at the same time being, provides advertisers with new challenges and forces To find unconventional forms of addressing customers. Through channels such as print, radio, TV and poster, acting in one direction only, it can no longer reach. New advertising strategies rely increasingly on meeting and communication with and within the target group. So-called social media marketing has found new ways to a better quality of contact with an advertising campaign, but also individual and creative approaches are needed to help a company message to broader attention. “Advertising messengers as a panacea the Leipzig start-up companies werbeboten.de achieved the desired multimedia perception successfully running advertising medium” and that move not only on the road but also on the Internet, in particular within the Web communities such as facebook, studivz etc. To carry the message to the world, precise multipliers are selected within the target group, moving with slogans of the client company on a T-Shirt within their circle of acquaintances, and at the same time text, photo – and videos of the action in their online profiles spread.

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