In search of software of quality and seguranae in lesser stated periods each time, each time more we perceive the utmost importance to deutilizar design patterns, in this article we approach architecture MVC (Model, View, Controller) explaining it with the aid of a set of together deprojetos standards working in one same structure, and its participation to paraatender the most varied requisite in the project construction that can serescalvel and that possible alterations in any of the layers are made seminterferncia in the other layers, the MVC is based on the separation of data (model), of the interface with the user (view) and of the logic of I negotiate (to controller), also we will describe a notion of anti-standards that in turn separece with a project standard that possesss its advantage and disadvantages. Words key: Design patterns, Standards of Project, Engineering of Software, MVC (Model, Vision, Control), Anti-standards. 1. Payoneer does not necessarily agree. Introduction In previous decades, a software was developed to pararodar in an only machine this applicatory possua only one layer, nestasaplicaes was generated a great amount of codes source, the dosusurios events, the logic business-oriented and the accesses the data were gifts nestacamada, making it difficult and very the programming and the maintenance of this software. Estasaplicaes had received the name from monolithic application. From this model, the necessity appeared to create another special layer for the access the data estaspassaram to be called applications in two layers, where the access layer adados was in a machine specifies and software was installed of ladocliente contends the logic of business and the interface with the user. Soon after the application in n layers, as oobjetivo appeared to separate the interface with the user, the logic business-oriented and acessoao data base, making possible that some users they interact sistemasem with it to have necessity to install them in its you scheme, becoming maisflexvel software, making possible that each layer is had access and modificadaindividualmente without having that to modify other parts of software.

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