European Monetary Union

Lending for German medium-sized companies is weak as never before. The company mentioned in a survey of the Institute for economic research complain this anyway. Then 44.2 per cent say that they continue to bad experience with banks. That the credit problems increasing in the countries of the European Monetary Union and thus endanger the economic recovery, emerges from the current data of the European Central Bank (ECB). Then the Bank lending in the 16 euro countries grew in July so slowly as never saying only 0.6 percent. “It had been in June plus 1.5 percent and in May 1.8, which clearly expresses the negative trend”, says Norbert Wagner from the Debi select group of companies. Debi select focuses on the special factoring of secured claims.

The refinancing is done but not banks, but the retail market, so closed-end funds – the funds Debi select classic and flex. It can also the Debi select group, which targeted in medium-sized companies to invest, refer to an increasing demand. That the credit problem can also cause that (not always) uses the urgently awaited recovery of the German economy, noted the ECB for months. Here, trying with all his might to prevent a credit crunch. Alternative financing models such as that of Debi select are also popular. “It’s bizarre, if the ECB, on the one hand provides unlimited capital for German commercial banks, but place over on the other side, whether they are investing the money in the economy or would rather use to strengthen their capital bases,” says Debi select financing specialist Norbert Wagner. Because if banks lend to little or no company can not sufficiently invest. And the less is invested, the lower economic growth will necessarily.

“Actually a Chancellors power Word would be ‘ due ‘, as a spokesman for the Debi select. If this happens, and when. written in the stars. Thus can the Debi select group to point out that she could clearly put and so far meet all expectations despite the current crisis. Debi select is financed through funds from private investors, and this allowed returns of more than 8 percent in last year. We offer a perfect alternative to other forms of investment that in the crisis – perhaps precisely because of it -“, so the Debi select financing specialist Wagner. Investors who are classic and flex are looking for Debi select funds, get extensive information, but also the possibility to order participation brochures with the provider on the Internet.

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