European Union

Let’s look at an example, we have the European Union where although most countries have different languages and different cultures, there is increasingly a homogeneity to unify different criteria of the countries that comprise the Europeanness. Globalization is a phenomenon that will always exist and that will continue because it is dynamic and continues to grow, but also I will try to explain why you can brake a harmlessly and without that will produce greater inequality between rich and poor and between industrial and emerging countries. Large companies such as multinational corporations and their powerful brands have diversified the world hogging large markets, producing large profits and destroying large companies in local markets, but my questioning leads me to think why it does this? For their great strategies brands, and their commercial schedules or lack of nationalism in some countries? I think the answer to that it lies in the ultimate that I raise, I think that there are more Nations predisposed to consume products and brands foreign to their own national and have nothing to do with quality standards or business processes. Let’s look at an example of regionalizad in Peru, there is a drink that is called Inca Cola, which is the beverage most sold throughout Peru, is yellow and has a great flavor, is direct competition from coca cola, and you believe it or not he was selling much more than Coca Cola. The positioning of Inca Cola in Peru, was so strong that the Coca-Cola company had to purchase because it was losing much market in this country. This example does not demonstrate that regional products and nationalist beliefs can stop at a certain point not at all, than not be badly interpret globalization. But if that can curb this phenomenon that so much damage this occurring at the global level, there are many more examples of these cases, see in the Middle East, Japan where many American companies don’t have been able to penetrate as they wanted it to achieve. .

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