Good Brand Marketing

What is a brand? In short, a brand can be a name, symbol or logo of any company or organization. A mark may be armed only with text, or it may be a sign (isotype) along with the name of your company, or it may be just a symbol. People such as JPMorgan Chase would likely agree. A trademark can also be a combination of options listed, but their goal is always to project the desired image of your company. And why should you use a brand? The first reason is that in the minds of people, an image is processed more quickly than a word. A brand serves as a visual stimulation “on” the memory of the audience, leaving a bigger impact and more lasting than what words alone can do. It is the simplest and most direct way to promote your business presence, is like declaring “that we are” but without using an extended speech.

Its brand recognition will help your business and add visual appeal to any of your communication. Types of marks – Marks text (brand logos) The words in its purest image are images. The fonts come in all shapes and sizes, which generate different impressions on those who see them. A thick font expresses strength and power. A handwritten font conveys elegance.

A slanted font expresses movement. This is why the name of your company can be its own brand, as the font used for morphological operations that text will become the image that expresses the qualities of your organization. Symbolic marks (marks isotype) are marks where the image works without text, lacking typography.

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