Should be noted that this type of controversy has arisen to the years long, such is the case in the 1980s with the ISO 9000 standards where the main objection was that the quality could not be certified or formalized, that said, nowadays quality is certified. The problem is not whether to certify the CSR which implies social, environmental programs ethical but how?, it is good to have indicators of management such as those proposed by ETHOS or certifiable SGE21 rules, but adjusted to our reality as a country specifically Venezuela where there are various laws that help make the road more visible and others including giving us such freedom is the case of the LOCTI, the problem lies in the Panopticon of the State and the timidity of the Venezuelan businessman to believe and risk management planswhich even though his face is social is clearly competitive, let alone ethical satisfaction that produces and the return on investment that generates. If we take into consideration the Estado-Empresa function both have committed to responding, the first as organ optional to set standards that guide a particular society, and the second as a socio-economic unit for profit, in which capital, natural resources, labor and management are coordinated to carry out socially useful production, in accordance with the demands of the common good. We are in a moment crucial, at least in Venezuela, where the society is demanding the State improvements in their quality of life, but also: workers, suppliers, customers are demanding improvements in working conditions, quality products, transparent relations, it is time to join forces and stop being panoptic – philanthropic without planning or worse still do not comply with laws, and not give follow-up to them. The company should ally strategically with the State, this synergy is necessary in a world ever more globalized and competitive where strategic alliances are the order of the day, where the only option to overcome the limitations that demands a complex society is linking with stakeholders. Companies and Governments should be guides to achieve the quality of life of its inhabitants.

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