House Sweepstakes

Germany awake! -What media have the courage to help??? This has awakened the new real estate market, it was often reported. Now, it is important that the market is better known. Some media have realized that House sweepstakes are useful and reported. Now, we need assistance in the publication of the political situation, so that all citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany can participate without fear. Enlightenment is necessary: House Sweepstakes bring only benefits everyone – the more houses are offered, the more people can win – ever more people win, the more money flows into the pockets of the individual citizen. Because who wins a House, it can sell, live in or rent – or also hold a House raffle.

Citizens wake up: let you this chance not by authorities, who are only interested in, about the state lottery game to stay only one winner! In the face of the threatening, desolate and financial situation in Germany, I’m trying to contact with various media. It concerned the proper release, how citizens are oppressed by authorities by illegal means. The above situation represents a major existential threat for many citizens. Now, five people have found a legal way to help himself and his contemporaries. This way is adopted by many German Federal citizens – only unfortunately the majority of German citizens is legally incorrect practices of ministries is not even informed or even scared by that. On the search, according to media that support Germany’s citizens, to establish the new real estate market (acquisition of real estate without bank credit) for the benefit of all, I ask for help Germany’s media companies. For a long time, it’s not just five House winning gaming operator, but the political situation that makes the State with citizens what he wants, the misinformation about legally incapable of continuing bans, up to the uncertainty. We have five operator call many people awake can – but unfortunately still too few – and our road is long.

What we Germans now need the Enlightenment, is that these actions to the benefit of all must – get through as many people no longer get the necessary loans to purchase houses – how many people live life unworthy in small lodgings, although they have spirit and mind have etc – etc… What Germany needs is a home game market, describes the uniform guidelines, conditions under which House Sweepstakes have to go–can but only happen when all German citizens are informed, which benefits from the new market and that it is legal. We hope first five home winning gaming operator in addition to our education work that as quickly as possible now one of our homes can – be passed but unfortunately we’re currently fighting windmills: against arbitrary behaviour of the authorities – against the ignorance of the population, against the official measures to the insecurity of the population etc. accurate, etc. political information about the site:. both on the page:. on my page: from around 15.-December 20, 2009 a forum opens, because less, when rather, which although technically informed, but rather the next giver from person to person I politically favorable man…

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