How To Be Interviewed

How to be interviewed. This paper will be useful for beginners to specialists, are just starting to build a career and working people who have decided to change his old job. From where do you start looking for a job? And as organize the process? The question is simple … but, unfortunately, not only novice professionals, and experienced people, allow a lot of mistakes. I, as a recruiter, to meet a lot of different candidates and summaries would like to tell you about literacy job search. There are 2 kinds of job search: 1. Active-yourself send resumes to companies that interest you on the job.

2. Passive-you simply place the summary on the sites and get invitations from employers. Summary. A well crafted resume – a stepping stone to the desired work. The summary should "catch", because when recruiters come 24 to respond to a job, but some are not formalized summary properly (not easy read, done in the document Excel, too), he just simply delete it and move on to reading the next resume.

Should try to hold information on one page. Do not write anything extra! Of course it's great that you are fond of "role playing", "building a long-term relationship with the girls," "cultivation of violets," "nail", but the employer is not very interesting, he is looking for a specialist in Marketing, not a specialist in nail. Where to place a resume? There are many sites, the most popular ones are: advise you to use two methods simultaneously: to hang up his resume and actively respond to the job of companies.

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