Human Resources

Since the time of the School of Relations Human beings of Elton Mayo already one knows that, inside of the companies, beyond machines, also people exist who have diverse feelings and different reactions to the motivacionais stimulatons. Of this form, the skill to treat will determine them as you will be treated. Ahead of this, the first rule of a good Manager is to try to get an optimistical vision on its employees, therefore this tends to create colaborativas people, affirms some scholars in Leadership. Others, more radical, affirm that ' ' if you to treat its employee as a dog, more early or later it go to give one to it mordida' '. Old, to manage meant ' ' the art to get resulted through pessoas' '. However, the Relations Human beings had been if developing and today the necessary Leader to understand the aspirations human beings.

The people costumam to have varied aspirations, but to only simplify we can reduziz them it: Simple aspirations: They are the basic conditions of one job, without which the employees nor accept to work, such as a compatible wage, next job to the house, comfort in the workstation, guarantees to continue employee, environment of friendship and attention. One notices that the simple aspirations are required by a minority of the Brazilian workers. Complex aspirations: The majority of the people possesss complex aspirations, liking to be differentiated excessively and having its recognized value for the Leader. They like to learn, to face significant challenges and of difficult tasks. Those with complex aspirations get its personal growth and reward financiers of its proper efforts. Ahead of this, it can be perceived that the art to manage people in the organizations demands much creativity of the Leader, therefore instead of controlling them is necessary to energize them, searching to take care of to its expectations and more complex aspirations.

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