It is not necessary to be religious to know that the world comes near to the end of the world and with so many preoccupations, pressures and problems that we have the human beings who forget to us that a possible Apocalypse exists, year 2012 is unnoticed past of our radar. Nevertheless, many think that all these things are connected, and that the 21 of December of year 2012, will be the day in which everything will arrive at its maximum point, giving rise to an eruption of catastrophic events that are going to destroy our way of life and to possibly lead us to a massive extinction. Year 2012 for many is the end of the world and what this happening in the world corroborates this fact because we have seen, that the world is not preparation for many natural catastrophes: the hurricane Katrina, the hurricane Ike, the earthquake of Sumatra that caused tsunami, the floods and tornados without precedents, the eruption of volcano Tambora, the Earthquake of Haiti. All these natural disasters that happened were devastating. More information is housed here: Jeremy Tucker. The caused panic, the chaos and all the crisis, brought about by the loss of so many lives. Imagnese which would be in the 2012 if all these things began to happen one after the other or all simultaneously. Imagnese if our mains went out for the 2012 or for always.

How many people in the industrialized countries would be able to survive without somebody gives the control them of the temperature, hot water or fries, potable water, the handling of waste waters, the food stores? Or, if our streets and bridges are destroyed? If the buildings make implosion and are in ruins? we already know that our infrastructure cannot handle a global catastrophe on a large scale and/or, and many of us we are not preparations for something as terrible as what the predictions for year 2012 say: eruption of volcanos, earthquakes, storms, floods, tidal waves, wars, hunger, an intense radiation, and alarming climatic change. There is something is possible to be made to survive the Apocalypse of 2012? First, it is to realize which once year 2012 comes, with all the disasters accompany that it, our form of life will have to change. Also it will be important, to learn what provisions to gather, and how to survive without the comforts standard. The best way to do it, is being member of survival groups that interest to them to survive 2012y to support to us mutually. Like the elephants work together to support the one to the other and to protect themselves of the dangers of the outside. What there is to understand, is that, although year 2012 it seems discouraging, if you can survive through impact of the Apocalypse the storm will happen with time. With the preservation of the human life and the knowledge, the things can return to something similar to which was before year 2012, but with a new vision, much more kind, and with the understanding, of which we are not gentlemen of this creation. Mayan, that is the unique ones whose calendar finishes the 21 of December of 2012, saw the next aim of the cycle with the celebration, by the birth of a new stage. How the people can to survive 2012? There will be people only chosen to survive year 2012 They will be able to subsist after year 2012? They interest the answers to you?

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