The world that presents itself today is a world full of ups and downs. In a day where it seems like you can enjoy all the comforts, living without any problem and without any inconvenience, however, in life nothing is safe. At any moment and without any foresight something unexpected happens, therefore nobody had in their plans, which can have a major impact on the heritage of the people, and therefore as mere preventive the loss of money generated by these contingencies, there are currently few organizations or companies that provide support for these situations, such aid is insurance, service which can be of great help to those incidents that may occur in the home, in vehicles, motorcycles, being the most common, but the insurance market has expanded greatly and in the field of insurance and services are offered a lot of variety, so finding the best option on an entity allows access to the best package of services, both to make a brief analysis of the insurance market, between the various entities, there are some that remains at the top of this work, so one of these companies is the real insurance company throughout his career in the Spanish territory is known for its good work and successful growth in the market for insurance services..

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