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Your PC in the cloud – January 24, 2013 – is the first cloud desktop from Mikogo now with Mikogo Mannheim, a new browserbasierende solution, with the user from anywhere out on their own computers can access. Not only the access to individual files is possible with the new cloud desktop: the solution runs as a complete computer system including the operating system and applications in the cloud. If Mozilla, Google chrome or Internet Explorer: the cloud desktop is accessible from any browser. There are no software installations or plugins. With the managed service, the end user saves so time and costs for the maintenance of the own computer system. Access to operating systems and software applications from any browser and any Smartphone is possible now. Mikogo provides the cloud desktop currently free of charge. Mikogo (, global provider of online meeting solutions, today brings the first cloud desktop on the market: an innovative way to host entire computer systems in the cloud.

Whether from a computer, Smartphone, or Tablet PC: the browserbasierende and HTML 5 based system out allows access to your own personal computers directly from the browser without having to download it before a software or plugins to install. “Operations to external providers outsource work from afar and bring your own device” (BYOD) scenarios are already on the rise. The Mikogo cloud desktop simplifies these forms of cooperation: companies hire the cloud desktop, they can provide all necessary software applications its external service providers, without the need for even just a single hardware. Has logged the user in the desktop of the cloud, its own operating system, software applications, or files directly from the browser are out. So the setting of remote access systems, as well as the sync and connect multiple devices is completely unnecessary. An any computer or mobile device enough to get on the same computer system.

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