Juan Martin

Argentine confectionery, another reason to look for accommodation in Mendoza argentina’s gastronomic culture has peculiarities that distinguish it from the rest of the countries of the American continent. The most traditional Argentine recipes, traditional dishes and desserts, originates in the customs of the countryside. Livestock agricultural tradition has skewed significantly the way of cooking and tastes of the Argentine people. As a producer of vaccine milk country, cane sugar white, poultry, and corn and wheat flour, it is logical that the main journalists specialities of the region are based on these elements. The Argentine sweets are another reason to find lodging in Mendoza. When we talk about desserts or Argentine traditional sweets, first arises is the dulce de leche.

According to the legend, although these sayings may not be checked, the dulce de leche was invented by a black Maid of brigadier Juan Martin de Rosas, a prominent political figure in the country, who despite his power never became President. This employee forgot about the cauldron a copper pot containing milk and sugar. The envelope cooking of these two elements gave rise to the first dulce de leche. It tells the story that night the brigadier gave a party at his mansion and presented the dulce de leche as main dessert. Both liked that quickly was he popularized across the country, perhaps lost forever its real origin somewhere in the story.

The flan is another traditional dessert. Usually eaten accompanied by a generous portion of dulce de leche or cream. It is a sort of custard, which is cooked with milk, eggs and sugar over the addition of a branch of vanilla. He often serve with caramel. Another of the delicacies are alfajores, one of the most traditional sweets in the country. Its sale is widespread and there is no local de ramos generales that does not have cookies on sale. They are two disks of dough stuffed with dulce de leche and covered with a sugary coating or confectionery chocolate bath. Argentines consume it as a snack or dessert. On your next vacation in Mendoza, you should start thinking about how you will lose the kilos others who will surely win to try the many gastronomic delights that the Argentine confectioner has to offer. Subtracts still speak of the wonderful wines from Mendoza.

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