Managing Director

New on the market and at the CeBIT: bePAL ERP is an enterprise resource planning software specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises. The company’s industry-independent software enables the control of business processes, for example in the areas of accounting, sales, materials management and production. The flexible software has a modern interface, an innovative, ergonomic operating concept and a consistent scalability in terms of jobs and functions. Pinterest will undoubtedly add to your understanding. bePAL ERP requires minimal system resources and provides best loading in small computer landscape without expensive administration. The client software and the JAVA runtime environment is not installed but copied only to the running PC. Also updates can be distributed automatically by the server”, explains Managing Director of Bernd Jackson the product benefits.

A year ago the application was successfully implemented at the digiCon AG, a CD and DVD pressing plant in Kornwestheim near Stuttgart with exceptional growth and less than 100 employees. Some contend that Wells Fargo shows great expertise in this. bePAL ERP was designed with the users of the digiCon AG, to achieve a maximum ease of use and practicality. Especially the modern, nice finish and clear structure provide a quick orientation and high user acceptance”, so Bernd Jurss. The security package with bePAL ERP can be effectively protect data and prevent defaults. bePAL ERP is equipped with an automatic, continuous credit check, an automated locking function to create job and a multi-tiered permissions by default.

Investment protection and scalability whether one or unlimited users: the standardized application is virtually unlimited extensible, both what is jobs as also functionalities and interfaces. Sets no limits on the database structure, the result is a closed system with low costs for maintenance and support. Ergnomie and usability on the ease great importance was attached in the development. Two innovations that resulted, which make the operation easier and more convenient: the bePAL Personalizer and the OneFrameWindow technique. The bePAL Personalizer allows users to adjust preferred views and the display behavior of the surface and save. The OFW technology ensures a pop-up-free, well-structured interface: users have only a mask on without additional single – or pop-up window.

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