Margin Optimization

Contribution margin in the automotive after sales industry until the 90 ger was years in many executives in the commercial sales of a company as the measure of all things. Today, the statistic is sales in the minds of many sellers. But the pure speculation of sales says nothing about the sustainable success of the company. Sales growth are significantly driven by price increases in recent years. The increase of market share is, however, often bought with a loss of contribution margin. What remains is more work and a higher risk of default for the accounts receivable. The contribution can be increase and at the same time improve the price image with presented here looking focus articles. What counts in the automotive trade the issue of every entrepreneur turns every day: which ensures its success in the medium and long term? In particular the middle class cannot wait for an extra income from the outside as clunkers, etc..

A shift of value creation in low-wage countries”is not possible. The systematic exploitation of constructions from the time work”rightly reluctant mostly owner-managed businesses. The answer can be found in the company itself. It is the value added to increase the contributions -! Corporate-driven trade organizations do this with highly professional departments, research teams, and complex tools (cubes, data warehouse, crossover-selling, pricingtools…). The proof of success is found in extreme form in the food trade.

There are almost no dealers more, which calculated locally. The market is clearly divided into discount stores and full-range supplier. But all key products cost the same. When have you dealt the last time with your cover contributions (DB)? Thus, the spontaneous costing at the counter or at the demand of one of your customers is not meant. What is meant is the systematic calculation with all sales and purchasing data. The middle class has neither a Department nor he uses for market research data from consumer research to the purchasing power in his region.

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