Although it may seem shocking there are cases, and much more numerous in what at first might think, in which the presence of competing businesses can be essential for the survival of our. Nothing better to illustrate the case example of p. S. M. who after several years working in non-optical decided to one day become entrepreneur and open their own business. He chose to do so a local tuna in a residential neighborhood of your city, with a few thousand neighbors and any business competitor. Unfortunately after one year of activity was the need to take the closure. Achieved sales not gave to pay various expenses or to obtain a decent minimum income.

When I asked her the reason why believed that they had not taken off their sales was very clear in his response: for there was no other optical close. To buy some sunglasses, and for many other products, the consumer of the 21st century is nothing with the first thing that you see. You prefer to look at, compare and eventually acquire what most pleases him. The various establishments in the same industry are close, to not let be a comfort added in this process and so contrary to what common sense could tell us in the first instance, which are coming just by increasing the total sales of all of them. This phenomena occurs not only with glasses, shoes, clothing or other accessories.

There are many products and services (e.g. telephone/Internet, mobile, travel, restaurants) where the geographical concentration of the offer translates into an advantage for everyone. It might be a good idea in these cases, consider joint campaigns of advertising, communication, etc. in order to attract more people to their local. What one could only result in a hardly justifiable cost, distributed among all may be perfectly affordable.

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