Marketing Analysis

We are very proud of in them so associating with a project with a potential forte' ' (TRAVELLING, Jorge. 2004, brochure of the film) Marketing Analysis First we will approach market questions/industry the other hypotheses on this event, found in diverse sources. The data and the expectations of the produced set of documents most expensive already in Brazil make jus to the Majesty of Skin, that in accordance with the Massaini director (2004, brochure) completed at the time: ' ' 60 years of life, 1375 departures, 1281 gols, innumerable national and international headings in 59 championships, 10 years consecutive as artilleryman of the So Paulo championship and 21 years of career of the biggest player of century XX, and moreover, the homaged personality more of planeta' '. All this grandiosidade finished in a weak average of public with only 250 a thousand spectators and therefore a collection well below of the waited one (still more if comparing with the money expense to produce? approximately 6 Real million): ' ' I judged that the name Skin, our bigger player, the greater of all the times in the entire world, was enough chamariz.' ' ' ' Exactly knowing of the indifference of great part of the Brazilian people for the things of its country, its history, its culture, its art, its workmanships, its largenesses, I myself I was surpreso. It waited bigger interest of pblico.' ' (CALAZANS, 2004, pg 35) ' ' Exactly being the more popular football player of the world, our king collected thundering a failure with the documentary Perpetual Skin, of Anbal Massaiani Grandson.

(…) A beauty in terms of historical research. However, this was not the sufficient to lead more to the cinema than 260 a thousand spectators, number well below of the one million waited for the producers. Still thus, the film is success of sales in DVD, since that passado.&#039 was launched at the beginning of the year; ' (SAUCERS, web page) ' ' Although the favorable climate that surrounded the launching, Perpetual Skin was on this side of what of it if it waited, in ticket office terms (…) had public average relatively low and the fact left many analysts without knowing as to explain the fact.

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