Marketing And Internet

The main objectives to be studied in the hoteleiro sector are the viability of the use of use of marketing in the Internet for the entrepreneurs as strategical instrument and of competitiveness. MARKETING CONCEPTS consecrated authors Kotler and Armstrong (1993) define marketing as the social and managemental process through which individuals and groups get that they need and they desire by means of the creation and exchange of products and values. rold Ford Jr. They also describe the marketing concept, affirming that, to reach the organizacionais objectives, it is necessary to determine the necessities and desires of the market-target and to provide to desired satisfactions in way more efficient effective and of what its competitors. Many people confuse marketing as an expression any, relating it exclusively with propaganda or sales. In the truth for Snake (1993) the marketing is more than what propaganda or sales simply. The marketing, when integrating forces to place the certain product in the certain place, is more than what an exercise of negotiation between producers and deliverers.

It is over all a work philosophy, where all in organization must think and act under gide of the marketing. MAIN CONCEPTS MARKETING AND INTERNET Both possess origins in the American culture and use terms of the English language; Marketing is more than propaganda and sales, are the integration of forces to place the certain product in the certain place; Internet is considered the biggest linked computer network of the world; Marketing + Potential Internet= of success in the market in products, services etc. The Main paper of the Internet is that one room functions as canal for the efetivao of the commerce, being that the three first ones are the staff, the post office and the telephone. this room canal opens a series of inexistent chances previously and that they will not much less mean the elimination of the old canals of the businesses based on the existing models.

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