Marketing: Conceptual Evolution

This conceptual evolution of marketing article presents the marketing in its forms and as it evolved throughout it I finish century and its trajectory in each decade until the present, if transforming e, directly, impactando the life of the society, and as the thinkers and scientists they had used its concepts to change the routine and the thought of the people, being transformed ideas and routines of purchase, medias and new markets and products, beyond pointing the relation with the consumption and the will of welfare common. Word-Key: marketing, evolution of the marketing, promocional marketing, communication INTRODUCTION Marketing, in the general scope, would be an evaluation of the chances, directed satisfaction of desires, and activities to stimulate the exchange between producers and consumers. But this necessary one to point out the words key: Satisfaction of desires, evaluation of chances, to stimulate the exchange between who produces and between who it consumes. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Hyundai. Some authors define the Marketing as all destined activities to promote relations of exchange between an sender and a receiver; a producer and a purchaser, but this relation of exchange must occur at the certain moment, by means of adequate canals and also by means of appropriate messages, messages that reach the focus of interests of the segment-target. The History of the Marketing and its relation with the retail the word marketing is derived from the Latin, mercari, that it means commerce, or act to buy, to commercialize or to do business, and, according to professor Snake (1997) the concept of the word marketing if defines in an expression anglian-saxnica. Thus Gomes mentions (2007) when if speaks in Marketing, the first thing that comes the mind of most of the people is how the relation is made between an organization and its I publish external, that one represented by the consumers of its products and services, for the suppliers of insumos and raw material, for the shareholders, the suppliers of material and financial resources e, of certain form, for the society in general, without mentioning the quo this necessary organization to be prepared for the events and the impacts that are generated mere by its existence..

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