Marketing Estate

Trade publication for developing market price of purchase prices in the real estate segment “Apartment purchase” in Wiesbaden, Germany according to the demand trend affects the extreme price increases up to 5000.00 EUR per square metre of living space in existing condominiums in the Wiesbaden borough. The surrounding communities recorded but also slightly increasing demand and slight price increases, but not to the extent as in the metropolitan area, by far apart from the always in the focus of the individual layers. This will change in the course of the year 2012. Is not to be expected with a significant increase of the offer in the city. The earlier in the year a buyer decides to even lower price he will end up still for sale.

Claims of the buyer are high and many real estate to meet this not what is strongly relativized the price development of individual objects. In particular, year, facilities, technical standards and energy State play a role here. Here defects detected, that quickly negatively affects the price and Marketing period out. By the way, no patent solution is generally to keep property in the inventory, for many owners. Vacant land such as only cost and no ongoing return. The one who again acquires real estate from the sale, whose lease or rental he generates ongoing revenue is better here. This is also in times of generally high prices make sense in particular often generate can considerable tax benefits from such shifts. Not without reason, this belongs to the professional asset management tool. Be warned before the acquisition of often full-bodied advertised Bauerwartungslandes, as well as land, which should prove within the framework of renewable raw materials, such as fields and forests.

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