Marketing Planning

There are many definitions of marketing, so one of them: "Marketing – the implementation of business processes to promote goods and services from producer to consumer." All the definitions of the term reduced to one, the goal marketing – is the sale of goods or services to the buyer. To achieve this goal requires the development of a precise plan of action, which is called marketing strategy. As part of a marketing strategy serves two main objectives: the first – is to attract new customers, and the second goal – it's retention of acquired customers. To be competitive in the market, the company has its work should aim to is to achieve these goals. There are, of course, and several other factors which should not be forgotten, such as timely and competent informing customers about new products, creating brand image and increase sales. All marketing planning is based on four factors, the so-called "Theory of 4F: Product (product or service); Price (the price of goods or services); Placement (distribution of goods, retailers, stores); Promotion (sales promotion: advertising, marketing smulirovanie) . 4P theory was formulated by Jerome McCarthy, and said that before making any product or provide the service necessary to consider four factors: The first and perhaps most important – it is a good produce, in a buyer it should be oriented, what market segment it can take.

At this stage in-depth analysis of consumer demand for the product, market segment analysis, level of competition in this market, creating a portrait of a potential buyer, which is good. The second factor that plays an important role in the further marketing of the goods – the price for it, are calculated on this all the components that affect the pricing of goods, including taxes and various costs. The third factor influencing the successful sale of a product or service – this place is selling the product. It is important to determine where you will be sell their products in major retail chains, small stores in big cities or provinces, and can sell more profitable products over the Internet? The correct choice of distribution will facilitate the successful sell your products. The fourth factor, which has great importance in our time, when the level of competition is very high – it's promotion, his advertising. Without high-quality and effective advertising even the most useful and desired, the cheapest and most beautiful product to sell can not be simply about him no one would know.

That advertising campaign intended to draw attention to new products and services that go to market and promote the sale of the already known brands. All kinds of advertising falls into two categories ATL (Above-the-line) and BTL (Below-the-line). ATL includes advertising in the media, including newspapers, magazines, television, radio and outdoor advertising. BTL services includes conducting promotions, tastings, distributing test copies of production, distribution of leaflets with information about a new product or service. BTL involves direct contact with consumers, promoters try to offer products to potential customers, explain product features and benefits that you can not always do in TV commercials. Matter how carefully and thoroughly reviewed all four factors, and how to plan your marketing strategy depends on the success of your business.

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