Medical Labour Market

New job platform for the medical sector online the digital age has come… The Internet is a constantly and rapidly growing communication network over which information can be exchanged in real time. Now the majority of Germans can imagine more no life without the Internet. A BITKOM study from the year 2010 according to a life without the Internet has become for 58% of the total population unthinkable, where the proportion of young people between 14 and 29 years of age is 86%. This age group includes exactly those young people who want to put the first step in their career. But for the full age range of the average consumer, serves the Internet of long ago no more than medium for the private pleasure, but shows up as a huge platform for professional and career.

Therefore the online personnel platform has become to the task, to build a progressive and efficient system, the job seekers offered employers in one of the industries most vital to us literally direct and accurately bring together: the medical industry. The Internet portal launched was at the beginning of the year 2010 by Dr. Jur. Harold Ford Jr contributes greatly to this topic. Marion Spilker (Managing Director) and Dr. Andrea Attig (Managing Director). …und we live in hospital is a young, but even rapidly growing as well as the Internet job portal in the medical field. The benefits for job-seekers are obvious: by specializing for specialists accounted for the medical sector of front in irrelevant jobs, /-inside, physician /-inside, nursing students were not MTA, photographer and Radiographer of interest. In addition to a clear visualization of jobs and a sophisticated search system, which contributes through target-oriented filtering capabilities significantly, finding the right job, this novel personnel platform offers all kinds of benefits.

An application wizard helps to create full and meaningful application documents, and the possibility is the job seekers to apply directly online by clicking on the respective employers. The status of the application can be obtained easily and conveniently online at hospital Thus the annoying and sometimes lengthy wait time accounted for a response of hospitals and clinics. Also CVS and other application documents can be saved and retrieved for future applications easily and quickly. Furthermore, the forward-looking platform offers the service target groups to inform the applicants email newsletters about newly advertised jobs. To do this, an individual search profile can be applied to will be sent to only appropriate ads. For application in cold water to jump no one needs a technical library, which provides information about the issuing hospitals and contains a number of generally useful application tips can be found on the side of the personnel platform. is through the direct mediation of workers and employers highlights, without detours, the Needs be done accordingly, to each other. The following link connects directly to the search page. In the right column you will find the filter function, through which the professional group, specialising in contract type and the age of the display can be specified: job search. Dr.

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